Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Singapore

I've been in Singapore for ten days and welcomed myself back by eating...eating...and eating.

I really miss Singapore food when I'm back in Melbourne! I have a zillion South-East Asian cookbooks, but nothing beats the real thing. When I think of Singapore, I think of touching down at Changi late at night watching the reflections of lights from the barges in the bay twinkle in the water. Then, the quiet, sanitized trip through the airport terminal full of gentle beeps and electric scanners. The post-flight reverie is always broken by the blast of heat that shocks you into life when you leave through the glass doors. And finally, there's the first trip to the hawker centres, the bustle and noise, the smells and the heat, and the food that just hits the spot.

'Or luak' (oyster omelette)


I love my coconuts :)

Popiah (a kind of spring roll) - I could eat these all day!

East Coast Food Village at night

This year, apart from all the epicurean excess, it's been good to have the whole family together again after more than a 13 months.


Alexander said...

Boy do I want a bite of that Popiah right about now. And yes, Singapore food rocks! (don't tell my Malaysian friends though - their usual response is 'its OUR food, Singapore just took it and put their name on it!'). And funny, we seem to go to East Coast most of the time after we land too!


P.S. I love your coconuts too :) HAH!